TyAnn will have her art exhibited in Florence, Italy early spring 2016.

A Mother’s Journey Through Childhood Cancer Is Now Available On Amazon.

A Mother's Journey Through Childhood Cancer
A Mother’s Journey Through Childhood Cancer

If you followed this journey with us, then you have already read the book. Please log onto the link above and give it an honest review. It is hard to wrap my mind around it all, it still seems surreal. We are so appreciative of all your support and love.

View Our Short 6 Minute Video Of Life’s Drastic Detour.

  • TyAnn’s story and art is featured in Rhona Bennetts new book ‘Living Beyond Fear. Pick one up

    TyAnn Holding Book On Her Journey

  • TyAnn’s Art is hanging on the wall art at the Steam Punk Cafe in Valley Village. Stop by and check it out

    Art Work In Steam Punk Cafe

With much love and appreciation, we thank all those that have continued to show support to TyAnn! With your generous contributions this dream has turned into reality. God is so good!

The gala was a huge success. Many people who were unavailable or out of state will get a chance to enjoy the online gala.

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James L. Perzik – Senior Vice President – Legal Affairs & Secretary The Los Angeles Lakers, Inc.
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Mike Carmona – Dinner in Italy
Michelle Hernandez – 2 Dinners in Italy
Claude & Lisa Millhouse- Dinner in Italy
Michael Diaz – Dinner in Italy
Scott Littman – Dinner in Italy
Douglas Johnson- Two Dinners in Italy


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